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A Tribute to Boxing

Hi. I'm Father Dave, and welcome to our Fighting Fathers tribute site to the noble sport of boxing.

The authors behind the articles published on this site reflect beautifully the variety of backgrounds and talents of our online community. Some are professional journalists, some are professional fighters, most are niether, but all share one thing in common - a great love of the noble art of pugilism and the personalities that have made it great.

You'll find accounts here of time spent with larger-than-life figures such as Ali, Louis, Gattelari, Ramos and Rose. You'll hear about the joys of fighting and the joys of watching. and in keeping with the Oympic theme, you'll get the low-down on amatuer rules, along with a round-up of Australia's Beijing Olympic boxing team.

Of course, these articles only represent a small snippet of the wisdom of the Fighting Fathers community, but I trust that they will lead to further sharing and discussion through the forum and blogs of our member site. And what we lack in volume here, we make up for in passion.

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